Cruise to Shell Island on a Pontoon Boat

Pontoon rentals are one of the more popular activities to do while visiting Panama City. Customers can cruise to Shell Island and do their own eco tour, watch parasailers fly up high, or simply lounge about. There are many things customers can do on a pontoon, which includes snorkeling, swimming, bird watching, photography and more. The prices are also reasonable for a fun day on the water. Book a pontoon rental in Panama City Beach for a fun group or family activity.

Rent a Pontoon & Be Your own Captain!

pontoon boat rentalRental pontoons are actually not as difficult to operate as one may think. It's a lot like driving a car, expect you are not able to steer unless the motor is in gear. Most companies will give a short introduction to the boat so the driver can feel comfortable. Most boats can accommodate wheelchairs and handicapped customers. Just ask the deckhands for help when boarding. If there is rain during the rental, the company will typically prorate the cost of the trip. The customer may also wait for another day to use up the time that was lost during the trip. Since Florida deals with a lot of rain in the summer, rental companies are good with these situations. Shell Island is a popular place for pontoon rentals because it is very eco friendly and offers customers the ability to swim, snorkel and watch marine wildlife.

Pontoon Rental Reviews from

Pontoon Rentals in PCB
"Making the reservation was easy and the customer service was great! The boat was in great condition and easy to use (coming from a 1st time boater). My kids loved the experience. Would definitely do again."
Ben Constante - Bullard, TX

Worth Every Penny
"This was a tremendous thrill to go boating. And our dogs got to go with us! The 4 hours went by all too quickly but the service was friendly and the boat was perfect."
Eric Tichenor - Nashville, TN

Great Day On The Bay
" We were extremely pleased with the booking. Eddie the manager was very helpful and friendly and made sure we had everything we needed to make the experience enjoyable. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to explore on their own and have a relaxing day on the water. As I said the staff was great!"
Kirk Johnson - Texarkana, TX